Lynx Yellobrik CDH 1813 3Gbit SDI to HDMI Converter + 3D Support

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Lynx Yellobrik CDH 1813 , Dual channel, SDI video inputs up to 3Gbit/s, 3Gbit Level A and Level B, Auto reclocking 270Mbit / 1.48Gbit / 2.97Gbit

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Lynx Yellobrik CDH 1813
Lynx Yellobrik CDH 1813 3Gbit SDI to HDMI Converter + 3D Support

£540.00 (inc. VAT)

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Lynx Yellobrik CDH 1813 3Gbit SDI to HDMI Converter + 3D Support

The Lynx Yellobrik CDH 1813 is a versatile, compact SDI to HDMI converter designed to combat a host of monitoring and display applications in broadcast, post production and pro A/V markets. Convert any SDI video signal, including 3D formats into HDMI signal for monitoring and display. Fiber connectivity options add SDI fiber transmission and/or SDI fiber reception using the integrated fiber SFP socket.

Two channels of audio can be de-embedded providing digital AES and analog audio outputs. Analog audio outputs have selectable full scale range presets. The two selected audio channels can also be embedded into the HDMI output. In addition 8 channels selected from the input signal (channels 1-8 or 9-16) can be embedded into the HDMI output. Various burn in features make the CDH1813 a true monitoring tool. Timecode burn in, 16 channel audio metering, safe area markers and Metadata display are just a few of the on-screen monitoring features. The yelloGUI software provides support for a host of additional settings and features which are accessed using a PC and the USB port on the module.


  • Support for SDI video inputs up to 3Gbit/s (1080P)
  • 3G SDI Level A and Level B support
  • Support for single link 3D formats
  • Automatic input standard and format detection
  • Fiber input and output options
  • HDMI video output with embedded audio
  • Analog and AES audio outputs
  • Selectable timecode burn in
  • Metadata burn in
  • 16 channel on screen audio meters
  • H/V delay and safe area markers
  • yelloGUI compatible: Gain access to additional features
SDI Input

1 x SDI video on 75 Ohm BNC connector
3G Level A & B-DL & B-DS according to SMPTE ST 425-1 and ST 425-2 (3D) with image formats 1280 x 720 and 1920 x 1080
Support for ‘single link’ 3D modes:“
side by side”, “top-bottom” and “dual stream (SMPTE ST-423-2)”
Electrical Return Loss: >15dB from 5MHz to 1.5GHz, >10dB from 1.5GHz to 3GHz
Automatic cable EQ (Belden 1694A cable)
340m @ 270Mbit/s, 150m @ 1.5Gbit/s, 120m @ 3Gbit/s

Fiber Input

1 x fiber optic SDI input. SMPTE 297M – 2006

SDI Output

1 x reclocked SDI video output on 75 Ohm BNC connector
Electrical Return Loss: >15dB from 5MHz to 1.5GHz, >10dB from 1.5GHz to 3GHz

Fiber Output

1 x reclocked fiber optic SDI output. SMPTE 297M – 2006

HDMI Output

10 bit HDMI 1.4a support including 3D, deep color and embedded audio
Type A connector. 3D modes supported:
“side by side” + “top and bottom” + “frame packing”
24bit (3 X 8bit) and 30bit (3 x 10bit) deep color (R,G,B / Y,Cr,Cb / X,Y,Z)
2 or 8 channel audio embedding (selectable)

AES Output

AES3id on 75 Ohm BNC, 2 channels (selectable)

Audio Output

Left and right analog audio using 1/4 inch jack sockets (phono sockets)
Balanced mode with 24, 22, 20, 18, 15, 12dBu full scale (selectable)
Unbalanced mode with (line level) at -10 dBv
1/4 inch Jack plug (phono) to RCA connection adapters supplied


Standard USB port for yelloGUI interface and firmware updates(Mini Type “B” plug)


+12VDC @ 3.7W nominal – ( supports 10 – 14VDC input range )


Size: 138mm x 90mm x 22mm (5.13” x 3.54” x 0.86”) including connectors
Weight: 230g (8.11oz)


5 – 40ºC (41 – 104ºF) 90% Humidity (non condensing)


Module, AC power supply, RCA adapters, HDMI + USB cable

Converter Type

HDMI Converters

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