DCR Lite And Professional Software And Systems

DCR Digital CCTV Replay provides a unique solution to the complex issue of processing, capturing and decoding digital CCTV data. Developed over many years in conjunction with police and law-enforcement agencies worldwide it allows users to work with virtually all digital CCTV formats.

When used with the VideoSHUTTLE or VideoEXPRESS hardware DCR forms part of powerful DVR data retrieval system on either a desktop PC or laptop. The hardware allows the capture of data from video, VGA and HDMI interfaces from most DVR’s. In addition, a high quality simultaneous video output is available for users wishing to record directly to DVD recorders.

Decode Over 2000 Formats


DCR prevents typical conflicts between several codecs by managing the operating system and resources required by the various DVR playback programs. Codecs and systems resources are configured on demand as required and removed when the file is closed leaving a completely clean environment.


DCR uses a proprietary multi-layer method of format detection to determine the precise format, this detection is very successful for formats with unique file extension or headers but it has also been
designed to distinguish between formats sharing the same file extension, for example, ajp, vid, dvr etc.


The DCR video editor provides a quick and easy way of viewing video sequences from a variety of sources. It also provides a way of reviewing video clips captured into an Active Case Folder during a session, viewingnon-proprietary video sequences or DVR video sequences from various media devices such as CD, DVD,BD or USB.

Key Features And Advantages