Apple has shown off a range of new products, featuring a new MacBook Air, Mac Mini fast enough for serious video and graphics work…and completely re-designed iPad Pro.

The MacBook Air brings a new look to Apple’s popular light weight laptop. It features a Retina Display, and Touch ID fingerprint sensor, and is a massive speed bump from the previous Mac Book Air with an all new design that uses completely recycled aluminium. Apple has referred to the laptop as its “greenest ever computer”.

Also released is the new Mac Mini, which benefits from the same use of recycled metals, a new slimmer look with upgraded internals. This particular update has surprised some who wondered what would come of the mini workstation, but with the performance and storage capacity up to 2TB internal SSD this super compact Mac could provide a powerful workhorse for video and graphics. With it’s small form factor Apple is also suggesting it can be racked in a multi system array for render farms…

Also with a new design came the iPad Pro. The removal of the home button and corporation of face ID allows the removal of the large bezel and mac this the slimmest bezel in the iPad range by far… With the new iPad Pro comes a redesigned Apple Pencil, which can now charge by clicking onto the top of the tablet, and features a button on the side that can be pressed for additional pencil controls.

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