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Avid Launch Free Media Composer Software

Avid have launched a free version of their industry standard Media Composer Software.

Media Composer First is a cut down version of the full media composer, as you would expect, but many of the editing capabilities and features remain in tact. Limitations are on aspects such as the number of Video tracks, Video resolution, Interface compatibility, the ability to capture and some features useful predominantly by broadcast and film editors.

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This allows budding video editors to use, and become familiar with the professional Avid editing platform, and certainly for creating video's up to HD resolution, it is a compelling tool, particularly as it can be downloaded for free! If you have a digital camera source and can import the file format then you can be up and editing just like a pro!

Media Composer First

Media Composer First is available on both Mac and PC and requires online registration here

On first view this might appear to be a risky strategy for Avid - with the possibility of cannibalising sales of the full Media Composer Suite. However many video editors just starting out may well have adopted Adobe premier and Final Cut solutions based on their lower price point, so by offering a free version Avid has the potential of capturing these future editors from the outset and allowing them a straightforward progression to Avid's full product suite. We think it is a smart move - once editors are used to a platform the inertia of moving and learning new software is high, so by garnering students and video bloggers at the start, they can grow market share at the lower end and nature potential future sales.

The Product also offers a frictionless opportunity for education as well, now enabling students to learn on the latest versions of the (arguably) 'Industry leading' editing platform.

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